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Beyond MS always advocates a holistic approach to helping people with MS. Richard Beecroft says that one way of helping change your physiology is via your sense of smell.  “Smell a rose and you feel happier. It puts you in a more positive mood and frame of mind,” he adds.

This in turn can help your body become more flexible. You may find it easier to move and you feel freer.  Also, a pleasant aroma gives you a sense of peace. With this peaceful frame of mind can come more freedom of movement. This results in an upward spiral which contributes to making you feel good and has a positive impact on your overall health and well-being.

Various base oils and aroma blends are recommended for a daily Ayurvedic massage. Adding aroma massage oils helps deliver added benefit as the healing aromas in the blend, when properly chosen, balance the mind and emotions.
At Beyond MS we have found that an effective massage oil for cooling down the mind, body and emotions, consists of a base of Coconut oil combined with a relaxing aroma oil like LavenderSweet Orange or Geranium Rose are aroma oils that are also relaxing and fragrant. If you need a stimulating lift then Basil or Rosemary will work wonders.

Other effective base oils include Almond oil, a light Olive oil or Jojoba oil.

For more in-depth information on finding the right blend for you, consult an Ayurvedic technician.