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Breathing Techniques

Breathing exercises are beneficial to everyone, but especially to those with MS. Although you may not be able to stand or even sit for long periods of time, you can learn some simple breathing exercises.  Founder, Richard Beecroft, believes these can significantly relieve some of the problems encountered on a daily basis. After learning the basic technique, you can begin to incorporate it into your regular breathing.
Yoga has been developing for thousands of years, and although details differ among the various schools of yoga, the basic concepts remain the same. Learning to breathe correctly through yoga is probably the shortest path to a healthy new experience.

We have all been breathing for our entire lives. Why should we make an effort to learn a new way to breathe? We do this because practically none of us uses the full capacity of our respiratory systems.

Yoga breathing exercises can soon become part of your regular day. Breathing right with one full yoga breath is a building block for powerful breathing techniques and can contribute greatly to your health and well-being.

Exercise 1 - Breathe out
Starting position:

  • Sit on a firm surface e.g. edge of the bed, or a stool or chair

Step one:

  • Place your hands low down on the ribcage
  • Take a deep breath
  • Feel as if you are filling the space under your hands with air.

Step two:
Breathe out.

Only repeat this 2-3 times as it may make you feel dizzy if you do more.

Exercise 2 - Breathe in
Starting position:

  • Sit on a firm surface e.g. edge of the bed, on a stool or chair

Step one:

  • Place one hand centrally over your tummy just below the ribcage
  • Breathe in and try to fill up with air under your hand so that you push your tummy out as you breathe in

This exercise can be quite tricky so it may need a bit of practice.

Only repeat it 2-3 times each time you try it as you may feel dizzy.

Inhaling through the nose warms and cleans the air before it gets to the lungs. It is passed on to purify the bloodstream on the way to deliver oxygen to your organs. Exhaling through the nose or mouth removes toxins from the body.