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What is CCSVI?

Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency... it’s a chronic (ongoing) problem where blood from the brain and spine has trouble getting back to the heart. It’s caused by stenosis (a narrowing) in the veins that drain the spine and brain. Blood takes longer to get back to the heart, and it can reflux back into the brain and spine or cause edema and leakage of red blood cells and fluids into the delicate tissue of the brain and spine. Blood that stays in the brain too long creates “slowed perfusion”...a delay in deoxyginated blood leaving the head. This can cause a lack of oxygen (hypoxia) in the brain. Plasma and iron from blood deposited in the brain tissue are also very damaging.


How is CCSVI related to Multiple Sclerosis?

Dr. Paulo Zamboni, a vascular surgeon and researcher in Italy, found that more than 90% of people with MS have malformations or blockages in the veins that drain blood from the brain. He found that this results in iron build-up in the brain which causes inflammation and damage. It also allows immune cells direct access to begin attacking the myelin sheathing of the cerebral nerves. CCSVI angioplasty unblocks these veins allowing proper blood flood out of the brain, resulting in significant improvements in people’s health.


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CCSVI Treatment or Chronic Cerebro-Spinal Venous Insufficiency Angioplasty


CCSVI angioplasty is the most revolutionary treatment, and the only treatment in 40 years, to make a significant difference in the symptoms of MS, often with reportedly dramatic results in patients. A simple, quick, safe and painless procedure delivering almost immediate improvements in health and quality of life.


We believe CCSVI treatment may be the most effective, long-lasting and drug-free treatment for people with MS, and possibly the only cure available today

Over 60% of people receiving CCSVI treatment show improvements in their quality of life.

See personal success stories of people who have had CCSVI procedures, including Beyond MS founder, Richard Beecroft.