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Tim Donovan
Sep 10 2012

Tim celebrates his life back
On August the 5th of every year Tim Donovan celebrates the day he got his life back from MS. This is the date he received the chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency (CCSVI) treatment for multiple sclerosis.



Tim and MS
Tim had been diagnosed with progressive MS and was told he might not live longer than 5 years. However, for 15 years Tim continued to live, although suffering from attacks of MS that slowly ate away at his faculties, preventing him from working. His life was getting more difficult, until an attack sent him to the hospital for what became an annual stay of between 1-3 months.


Tim’s condition worsened and he suffered through terrible bouts of Trigeminal Neuralgia, (excruciating pain in the cheek), so severe that he was put on a constant supply of heavy pain medication.


During one hospital stay, the nurses played a CTV special for him about MS and the success of a new procedure – CCSVI treatment. His spirits lifted immediately as he was filled with hope.


Tim wanted the CCSVI treatment very badly but couldn't afford it. Enter Jack Carr. Jack was Tim's MP who, along with his community, raised the required funds and sent him to Albany, New York for the procedure.


Tim and CCSVI
On August 5th, 2010 Tim had the treatment. He immediately felt different. His colour returned after years of a pale and sallow complexion. His balance was much improved and he could walk without his cane. Best of all, his mind was clearer, and his slow, mumbling, halting speech was gone. He was able to speak at a normal speed, clearly and easily understood by others.


From May until August 2011 Tim crisscrossed the country sharing the story of his dramatic improvement after the CCSVI treatment, and his message of hope to thousands of Canadians, with or without MS.


Tim still has a message to share. He says it’s smart economics for the government to help pay for the treatment. His medications alone were $1,700 per month and his 5 year hospital stay was $240,000 per year. By contrast, the cost of the procedure is about $1,500 if it were done in Canada.


Watch his video
Tim promotes CCSVI