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Richard Beecroft
Sep 26 2012

Richard gets his life back
Richard recently underwent CCSVI angioplasty in Mexico, and even though he's had MS for over forty years, he had a significant improvement in his symptoms.


He feels that this treatment is the most effective way to fight MS and that the strongest benefit is that it may halt the progression of most people’s MS. Richard says it is the most important finding in fifty years.


Richard and MS
At the age of 21, Richard Beecroft was devastated by a mysterious paralyzing attack. He recovered, but other attacks followed. He experienced times where he'd lose his balance, or jolts of electricity would surge up his spine. Other times he’d lose the feeling in his feet and hands, or he’d lose his vision, or see double.


Perhaps worst of all, none of his doctors knew, or would say, what it was. So Richard set out to try and improve his own health and quality of life.


He stopped his heavy partying lifestyle, became a vegetarian, started doing Yoga, and most importantly, began Transcendental Meditation. The attacks slowly went into remission and his health improved.


For the next four years he lived a gentler, more balanced life until he slowly slipped back into old destructive habits. The mysterious attacks came back and he was hit with a continual stream of paralyzing bouts. He was diagnosed with progressive MS and told he would be in a wheelchair within five years.

He restarted his earlier daily regimen and improved all areas of his health greatly. Even though he still had some balance issues, fatigue, and cognitive problems, the more serious paralysis issues were gone.


Richard’s MS World Tour
Richard undertook a project to help the MS cause and tricycled over 6,000 kms across Canada to encourage those with MS to stay active, as well as proclaiming the abilities of the disabled. The endeavour was so successful that he was inspired to continue spreading his positive message and to cycle around the world.


The MS World Tour took 3 years and covered 40,000 kms through 17 countries, on four continents.

After the World Tour he returned to Canada and spoke to hundreds about natural healing modalities and MS. He also studied Ayurveda and Homeopathic medicines before starting his own charity - the Beyond MS Association.