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MS Stories

Rosemary Fletcher
Aug 02 2013

At 30 years of age Rosemary was a very active young woman. This included running marathons, until mysteriously she began stumbling and falling. Soon after that she started having difficulty speaking.

After going to dozens of doctors and healers over the next few years she was put on some very heavy drugs. She eventually ended up in a wheelchair and unable to speak.

At one time she was even admitted to a psychiatric hospital because her doctors thought her symptoms were all in her head! Eventually she was diagnosed with MS and told that she'd never walk or talk properly again. She spent the next 11 years in a wheelchair, gained almost 200 pounds and was in constant pain with severe arthritis.

However, there reached a point where she decided she'd had enough, and started her own program to improve her health. She began by drinking a lot of water and slowly weaned herself off the medications she was taking.
Her condition improved, so she went one step further and changed her diet. She stopped eating meat and felt even better. Then she became a vegan and gradually switched to a raw food diet. She lost all the extra weight and began to walk again.

She now weighs 130 lbs and has been on this diet for 20 years and feels absolutely terrific.

Rosemary believes, and has adopted, what she refers to as God's 8 laws of healing:

  1. drink lots of water
  2. get plenty of rest
  3. get some exercise every day
  4. eat proper nutrition
  5. have lots of fresh air
  6. enjoy some sunshine whenever possible
  7. be sure to have regular bowel elimination, and above all:
  8. Trust yourself and listen to yourself (“we are supreme beings and we can do it ourselves”)

Her diet currently consists of mainly veggies, fruit, nuts, and seeds, with a few grains in the form of green smoothies. She also eats salads, veggie burgers and pasta. She eats often throughout the day, with her big meal at noon, but nothing after the sun has gone down. She also cleanses her body with enemas, and fasts one day a week, at that time drinking only water.

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