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MS Stories

Christine Albright
Feb 03 2014

After being diagnosed at 30 years old with MS, Christine presented with the symptoms of optic neuritis, tingling and numbness in her extremities and severe fatigue. This was confirmed through an MRI. Christine feels we are all born with the innate ability to heal our bodies. She believes this is possible if people are able and willing to let go and surrender to the fact that their body knows exactly what to do to heal itself.


Christine feels her connection with nature helped to open her to a sense of how life works. She feels one can find many answers to life's questions in nature. She says our minds can make things so difficult, but if we watch nature there is a simple yet perfect order to how it works, which is the same way the healing process works. It is a very organic process. It opens and expands one's self naturally and in a perfect order.


Christine says it can be the truth of nature or God, which are basically one and the same. Nature is God expressing in such incredibly beautiful and amazing ways.


The belief that anything is possible was the cornerstone of her healing of the MS. After being told by many doctors and specialists that nothing was possible, she knew this was not a truth for her.


The complete surrender of the MS to God was her first and most important step in the healing process. The deep knowing that this "incurable" illness could be healed and that she could do it, though she had no idea how, came from the belief that there is something greater. She felt it was a presence or energy in the universe that she could connect to and from whom she could receive the answers she needed in order to heal.


After she completely surrendered the illness to God, or this higher presence, she began receiving insights and awareness as to what to do next to heal the MS. Every direction moved her deeper into the healing process.


Christine says she just trusted life and that it was on her side, which was very helpful during the challenging times dealing with the MS and the fear that came through. She learned how to work with it and face it, rather than being controlled by the fear and running from it.


She decided to move to California where she felt it was more conducive to her healing process. There, she says, with all the incredibly beautiful flowers everywhere, the palm trees swaying in the breeze and the beautiful ocean, how could she not heal?


She created a nurturing and healing environment in her home in order to be quiet and go deep within. This way she could easily “hear” what her body was telling her it needed in order to heal. This quiet environment is very important to the healing process.


The awareness and discoveries that Christine was receiving were life-altering and healing her in a very deep, profound and complete way. At the end of four years she knew the moment that her healing was complete.


She then knew she had to take it to others who had been searching as she had.

She went to a lecture at a Unity Church by a man named Dr. Ibrahim Jaffe, and enrolled in his school, The Jaffe Institute of Spiritual and Medical Healing. She studied there for three years and became certified in energetic and spiritual healing.


Christine took this knowledge out into the world to help others heal. It was based in part on the Sufi spiritual path - a very deep, sacred, holy, ancient path to God and healing. Christine now shares this knowledge with her clients and watches as their healing deepens beyond what we are usually aware of in this culture.


Christine remembers thinking that if she could heal the MS without any form of support or knowledge, only by listening inside to what her body was telling her, then that must mean we are all capable of healing in this way.


She feels that God gave us all this ability to heal ourselves. It is built into our internal system, for those who choose to listen.


Twelve years later, Christine has an incredibly deep and profound desire to help people with this healing process. She provides the information in her website to anyone, anywhere, who is willing to listen. She hopes to open or activate in others an already deep awareness, or even just a clue that this amazing, inner energy and healing system that we carry within, exists.


Many of Christine’s clients have had a similar healing journey as she did, with fantastic results. She states: “It is time now to walk this truth that dwells deeply within us all and connects us to a huge truth as big as the Universe itself.”