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Overcoming MS - Exercise

At Beyond MS we have found that regular daily exercise is very helpful in managing MS symptoms, as well as for general good health and well-being, and many studies support this finding. A good exercise program can help with optimum muscle development, bone strength and respiration.

Aerobic exercise programs are particularly beneficial and help improve cardiovascular fitness and overall strength. Other benefits include better bladder and bowel function, less fatigue and depression, a more positive attitude and increased social interaction

Ensure your exercise program is aligned with your abilities and limitations. Be aware that changes in your MS symptoms may make it necessary to adjust your exercise routine accordingly

A physical therapist experienced with the unique and varied symptoms of MS can be helpful in designing, supervising and revising a well-balanced exercise program

Carefully time your exercise program to avoid the hotter periods of the day and pace yourself to prevent excessive fatigue


For safety’s sake, talk to your doctor before starting a new exercise routine

People with MS who are inactive are prone to many risk factors associated with coronary heart disease, muscle weakness, decreased bone density with increased risk of fracture, and shallow breathing