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About Us

The Beyond MS Association (BMSA), is a registered charity dedicated to help improve the quality of life of people with MS. BMSA founded by Richard Beecroft over 25 yrs. ago, is made up of a team of caring and concerned individuals committed to helping people with MS.


We are dedicated to providing advice, tips, information, resources and leading MS experts' opinions in order to ensure people with MS get the help they need. Our website has been created for people living with MS and for their families and friends.


We aim to help you find information, relief, comfort and expert advice that will aid you in living a healthy, happy life and ensuring mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.


MS people are constantly receiving negative reinforcement from all levels of society: including the media, the medical community, the general public, etc. This reinforcement imparts to an MS person the idea that the disease will have the most devastating effects possible - an "expect the worst" case scenario. The BMSA focuses its attention on creating a positive perspective about Multiple Sclerosis - an "expect the best" scenario. Our positive attitude is reflected throughout all of our organization and programs.


The BMSA recognizes that all individuals have the resources within themselves to realize their full physical, mental, and spiritual potential!